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ActiveID ActiveX OCX (Webcam, CCD) 1.2 Features

Powerful and easy-to-use functions. Only 1 line of code starts preview!
Requires nothing extra to distribute, everything comes in one small file! No extra DLL's or large runtime files to distribute! Just the ActiveX .OCX file.

Save captured frames to disk as JPEG images. No third party compression ActiveX libraries required.

Supports most PAL/NTSC VfW video capture devices (compatibility )
Supports most USB cameras (compatibility )
Applications range from ID card and badge making, quality control, surveillance to webcams and much more ...
Active ID Compatible with any programming language that supports ActiveX (Visual C++, Visual Basic, Microsoft Access (VBA), Delphi etc.) e.g. OCX ActiveX

ActiveID is a video capture ActiveX control that gives you the ability to take pictures for ID cards with any ordinary webcam or other capture device quickly and easily!

This product eliminates the need to crop, resize, rotate and compress captured video stills for ID card and badge making. By setting a few simple properties of this control you have full control over the preview resolution and output of the ID picture you wish to create!

Download Evaluation

The evaluation version has the following limitations:

Captured images are modified with a single horizontal line in the middle of the frame.

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